The Rainbow Ridge LGBTA Democratic Caucus of Polk County endorses on all levels of government that touch Polk County. Federal and Statewide office endorsements are handled by the state caucus with input from the local chapters and all other other endorsements are done by the local caucus.  If a candidate is endorsed by Rainbow Ridge they may also be endorsed by the state LGBTA caucus.

If you are a candidate who wishes to apply for an endorsement from the Rainbow Ridge LGBTA Democratic Caucus please submit one of the following candidate questionnaires:

Applications should be submitted after the qualifying date and no later than 45 days before the date of the first election. Under extraordinary circumstances, the Rainbow Ridge LGBTA Democratic Caucus may agree to waive the deadline.

If you have questions, please contact


Friday, June 14 was the deadline to qualify for state legislative races, and Florida Democrats are contesting every seat in both chambers — the first time either major party has done so in modern Florida history. This follows our successful efforts to contest all 28 congressional seats this cycle.

The Florida Democratic Party would like to congratulate the 11 candidates who won election unopposed:

Rep. Yvonne Hinson (HD 21)

Rep. Jervonte Edmonds (HD 88)

Rep. Kelly Skidmore (HD 92)

Rep. Christine Hunschofsky (HD 95)

Rep. Dan Daley (HD 96)

Rep. Lisa Dunkley (HD 97)

Rep. Hillary Cassel (HD 101)

Rep. Felicia Robinson (HD 104)

Rep. Dotie Joseph (HD 108)

Senator-elect Carlos Guillermo Smith (SD 17)

Senator-elect Mack Bernard (SD 24)

TOPLINE: This year, the Florida Democratic Party is doing something neither party has done in modern history — contesting every seat. In the face of Republican extremism, Florida Democrats are stepping up to lead. We refuse to let Florida Republicans walk into office without being held accountable for their actions. Having a Democrat in every race forces Republicans to defend their unpopular policies and gives voters another reason to turn out on election day. Contesting every seat shows clear momentum in our efforts to break the Republican supermajority and take back Florida.